Top Money Saving Hacks While Shopping Online for Fashion & Apparel


Does online shopping bother you because it requires more money than external buying? Are you one of those who hate online shopping? You must have a valid reason to loathe it and money sure is an important factor. However, hating it won’t do any good as this is where the future holds. Several types of research already show the brick-and-mortar shopping will be disappearing soon and the shopping will be entirely shifted to your screens. So, rather than avoiding it, learn some money-saving hacks that are gonna lift your shopping experience.

  1. Take and Record Your Measurements Correctly

The majority of the people avoid online shopping just because they can’t try the shirt they have decided to buy. If you have the same reason, then all you need is correct measurement. Most of the people do not know their sizes and keep on filling their closet with the clothes they can never wear.

You need professional help in taking measurements; consult a tailor nearby and ask him or her to measure carefully. Some of them may not even charge you for that, so you just need to step out and do so. If you don’t find a tailor nearby or you don’t like this option, you can do it at home, too, but then again, you need someone to measure the hard-to-reach spots such as your bust. 

Make sure you keep your posture natural while taking measurements. Even the minor movements can give you wrong results, which will ultimately lead to money wastage. What is more, know that every market and brand has their own scale, so always consult their size chart available on the website to avoid any confusion. If they do not have a size chart, call them and ask.

  1. Use the Services that Offer Free Two-Way Shopping

Whenever you are in an online marketplace, go to their “policy” section and learn about their return and exchange guidelines. Shop only when they allow free two-way shopping because if you need to return or exchange something, it will cost you a lot if you have to pay for it.

What is more, also ask them if you can buy multiple sizes so that you may try them on and keep the one that fits you perfectly and return the others. When the return would be free, you are gonna love the shopping experience.

  1. Leave the Shopping Incomplete

One of the trickiest ways to save money while buying online is to leave shopping incomplete; choose your products, add them to cart, and leave. It will provoke the retailer and he will send you reminders that your products are there in the cart. When you won’t respond, he might add some deals for you if available.

  1. Look For Codes

Most of the online marketplaces offer discount codes to the regular buyers. It takes not more than three to four buying in becoming a regular customer. So, once you have purchased a few times from the same store, find the code and use it for the next shopping. It saves you a great amount of money, so don’t be lazy in finding it.

In a Nutshell

Online shopping is no more a nuisance, especially if you try the above-mentioned money-saving tricks. What more you can do is create a spam email account only for online shopping where you can get newsletter emails from brands you trust. It can be irritating to keep getting emails about the latest sale or collection all the time, so make a separate account for this and open it up only when necessary.