Asian Racism Laying Out: Anti-Asian Violence Resources & Facts


3 Ways To Deal With The Rise Of Asian Racism, Know Why It’s Essential

Anti Asian hate crimes are extending to a limit. That is causing people to think about the central issues like brutality, hypersexualization, and racism. The protestors calling for Asian Americans advancing justice will be right to an extent. It is hard to predict when they will act in the favor of American Asians. 

Recent events of a white man attack against Asian in the United States urged the community to stand for Anti-Asian Racism movement. Out of eight people, six number of women near an area of Georgia were killed. The suspect after investigation quoted “ He was having a bad day”. 

Anti Asian Hate Incidents After COVID-19 Pandemic 

Chinese Americans facing violence started after COVID-19 crisis that not gave fire to racial discrimination but also trace many hatred cases. The FBI admitted and even informed through different channels that ‘violence against Asian’ will increase after Covid outbreak. 

Since 2019, Asian descent has been suffering and not just physically but they were targeted badly facing strong verbal abuse. People were encouraged previously to report a hate crime. For sure, it is expected that we might be seeing more allies. 

Stop AAPI Hate Movement & Announcements Against Asian Racism 

Gone are the days, when Asians and Asians Americans will accept hatred and will bargain innocent lives for it. There is a proper channel named ‘Stop AAPI Hate’ through which Asian Americans and pacific islanders have freedom to report cases. 

AAPI community shared figures approximately of about 3,795 national reports between March 19, 2020 till Feb 28, 2021. 

Act Now is a motivational siren that is meant to attract people who have been  victimized of American hate. They are not just spreading awareness but inviting protestors and the whole community to stand against Asian Racism. 

Elderly Asian Chinese Americans Killings Rise 

With grief, different types of discriminations took place including verbal harassment, shunning, denial of services at the workplace,and physical violation. Not just locals but celebrities and influencers talked about dreadful events that occurred and got viral. 

Many got victimized after Lunar New Year in the Bay area. It is said that the hatred ratio is targeted towards elederly asians more near the age of 75 years old. 

Public Health Concerns: How Terrible Is Racism Toward Asians in The U.S.?

The number of killings are getting intensified with a passage of time with the spread of COVID-19 third wave. Due to public health concerns, white people are putting blame on Asians Americans and started killing them. 

Now that democrats have taken control, it is expected that more attention will be given by activists and lawmakers. There has been a rapid increase in Asian population, however, the limelight is not focussed through social media stories. 

In the month of March, many protest rallies stood against brutal crimes and the awareness is broadening.


Anti-Asian Racism movement must be considered seriously and everyone should stand against it by making donations. Many innocent lives are in danger so democrats are obliged to pay attention and take precautions in the coming days.