White House Plan: How the Coronavirus Relief Bills Affect You?


3 Reasons Why President Joe Biden Passed A Coronavirus Relief Bill

Will huge budgets allocated for relief bills will be a turnover for millions of Americans? Recently, president Joe Biden is going to pass a relief package worth $1.9 trillion dollars to support people in the middle of a pandemic. 

Since Biden has taken charge and tossed around crucial crises, this was obvious to think over this as a priority task. Therefore, senate democrats thought about COVID-19 Package and it is expected that Joe Biden will pass this bill on Friday. 

American Rescue Plan-COVID-19 Congress Initiative

According to the facts, people died from covid-19 and their families have suffered unexpectedly which limited household earning and lessened the resources. Along with vaccine distribution, congress passed and expected to sign a bill to support the survivors. 

The American Rescue Plan was sending checks to Americans worth $1400 providing more aid to unemployed workers, and for spreading vaccinations. This bill includes a parents-income support package too by doubling it out to support their children. 

Stimulus Payments: What Is The US Stimulus Bill Issue?

The relief bill was approved with a party line vote of 220 to 211. It was conducted in the house and senate but some of the Republicans and Maine Democratic Rep. Jared Golden voiced against this bill. However, the other majority of democrats took advantage and voted separately on the party line vote of 50 to 49. 

To your notice, Stimulus payments are assigned as $1400 for an individual person. The assurance of awarding this relief bill is settled on the terms for those who are earning less than 150,000. The one who will earn more than this amount will be deprived of this threshold. Hence, income awarding results will be judged on tax-filing figures. Still it is unsure and the debate is prolonged on the US Stimulus Bill Issue. 

Other Provisions Of The Relief Bill Program 

1.9 trillion covid-19 relief bill breakdown includes: 

  • 350 billion is allocated to state, locals, and tribal governments to handle the pandemic expenses. 
  • $130 is suggested for educational institutions, and other expenditures invested on protective accessories and ventilation. 
  • For COVID-19 testing, a $50 billion amount is set so that the maximum number of people get to reach vaccines. 

At last, the debate is continued and Joe Biden needs to make an effort in winning the confidence of 10 republican senators to pass this relief package bill through congress.