4 Best Video Conferencing App Used In 2021 Pandemic


Remote Working Most Popular Apps Used In 2021

Let’s fill the void in our lives that was once filled with social gatherings, office gossip, and family interactions on weekends. Many of us adopted new hobbies these days that kept us busy and helped us to survive. The social links are now scheduled on chat apps with friends and family because everyone wants to stay safe and healthy. 

According to the latest results, google play apps related to video communications were downloaded at corporate level to connect online businesses in order to expand its reach. 

The social networking guidelines executed and implemented on different platforms have facilitated in many ways. Turn your home into an office by trying these video conferencing software that offers free plans and there are no time limits. Here Are the 4 most downloaded apps of 2020 which will be used in this year too and are trustworthy. Hope you can get most out of these best video conferencing apps during pandemic in 2021. 

Video Conferencing Solution: What Apps Will Be Popular In 2020 or 2021?

Life is complex since this pandemic has started which convinced many companies to switch their office teamwork into remote working. A thought of staying at home is peasant but still you need to make sure that every task assigned must be completed on time. 

Thankfully, there are several video calls apps that you can utilize in building better connections. It’s the best solution for small businesses who have less resources but can keep check and balance by downloading this app. 

In the last months of 2020, video conference apps like Google duo were downloaded to help people connect. 

4 Basic Video Chat Apps To Use During Working From Home

From Google calendar to cloud storage, all trademarks are relying on digital services, however, most apps like zoom were replaced due to its unresponsiveness. Recently, Zoom’s CEO quoted that new updates won’t be installed in the app for 90 days because of the privacy concerns. 

So, we have found free video conferencing apps that will be worth using during remote working hours. 

  • Facetime For Apple Users 
  • This app is specifically designed for apple users and can be installed on iPhone, iPad or Mac. With this app, you can start a video call with your coworkers at any hour of the day until or unless they are also Apple users.

  • Marco Polo 
  • Professionally, this app is the best while sending short video clips to update someone about certain information. Moreover, you can also do a voice call with this app.

  • Go To Meeting 
  • Video meeting  has become an essential task , therefore, zoom has been replaced by GoToMeeting app which is designed for all Apple and Android users. It has almost the same features like zoom. 

  • Skype 
  • Skype is an old but frequently used app which is updated with more interesting features. Although facebook messenger has the same features but you can also register numbers on skype by buying them. 

    Sum Up 

    Make remote working easy by installing the best video conferencing apps to connect with people. They are easy-to-manage and save your time, moreover, you can protect and store data in different intervals for the concerned person.