All You Need To Know About OnePlus 9 Series Release Date, Price, Specs and Leaks


4 Interesting Facts About One Plus 9 Series That Will Left You Buying Instantly

Excitement is in the air that has made tech lovers indulged to explore the beauty of One Plus 9 series. Isn’t it a mystery that has been created by the CEO, Pete Lau, himself tweeting about the camera results and giving us signs that there is  a lot more to discuss and reveal about Oneplus phones of 9 series.

What Is The Release Date Of One Plus 9 Series? 

March 23 is the launching date announced by One Plus for its next series. Along with the launching date, time is also shared so that One Plus fans can get glimpses of the pro variant series. One Plus flagship of phones is expected to launch at 10 A.M ET. 

Specs Of One Plus 9 Series With Ultra-Wide Camera 

According to the reviews, OnePlus 8t was completely a disappointment for users. However, the consumers are expecting more from this series and the hype is more because of the hasselblad cameras being used in collaboration with One Plus. 

Here are some more specs that you can dig in about this series. On the basis of rumors, they have shared about the features of the OnePlus 9 series. 

  • With a 6.5 inch and 120hz displays, and a tag of hasselblad branding is bringing better expected outcomes out of Oneplus flagship phones. 
  • Moreover, 4,500mAh battery along with reverse wireless charging is so far the best feature of this series. 
  • The camera system is upgraded with a quad camera as compared to Oneplus 8 pro or any other models. 
  • It is also supporting 5G which is a common feature updated in most of the upcoming cell phones of 2021. 
  • Additionally, it is also confirmed that the 9-series will also use a new Sony IMX789 sensor that can capture 12-bit image wide. 
  • Expect the oneplus series to be innovative because they have snapdragon 888 qualcomm chips inserted inside. 

What Is The Price Of OnePlus 9 Series? 

The pricing of this series is seriously unbreakable but it is expected that this will be affordable for most of the consumers. Last enclosing figure for Oneplus 8 pro started with $899 with the standardized selfie camera. We are still working on the leaks to be out but a roundful figure that we can suggest could be $749. However, for large storage, the prices could rise more than $749. 


As per the prediction, if the OnePlus 9 series will be a huge success, it is sure that it can beat the market of other brands. We are expecting more improvements and best camera results from this series. Stay tuned because we will be sharing more details about the leaks of Oneplus 9 series.