Andra Day Became A Billie Holiday At Golden Globe 2021


Andra Day Became A Billie Holiday At Golden Globe 2021

1st March, 2021 has been a memorable and magical night for Andra Day because she steals many hearts by winning a title of best actress at Golden Globe awards 2021. Lee Daniels, The United States vs Billie Holiday was a gigantic project, praised by millions and provided a golden opportunity to the black woman of glory. 

That one night victory made her the second black woman to achieve the title of Best Actress- Drama. Last time, Golden Globes  awards were organized back in 1987, when this same title was awarded to Whoopi Goldberg for The Purple Color. 

Who Won Golden Globes Award 2021 Title? 

There was a fierce competition between nominees who showed talent of acting in various projects but was incomparable with Lady Day performance. She walked through the stage with pride and it was a moment which was recorded on many social platforms like Twitter. 

Beautifully role playing and doing justice with the biography of Billie Holiday, proved that her decision of taking this role was wise. 

Ladies Dresses Swooning On A Night To Remember; Andra Day Billie Holiday 

Andra Day carried a loose bun with graceful and elegant grey net gown embellished with a cage body. Although there were many ladies dresses to highlight but the black lady set a stage on fire with her presence. Andra day Instagram was all bombarded with congratulation notes that completely state how much it cherished her fans. 

How Was Andra Day Billie Holiday Review? 

The story of a movie vigorously highlighted the challenges of a lady by seizing her with the serious accusation of drugs. Federal Bureau of Narcotics chief Harry Anslinger took her song as a threat and got offended by naming it as ‘devil’s work’.

This film is in episodic version not revealing the chapters too soon but has covered romanticism themes in different intervals. The serious law enforcement started when she sang a song called ‘Strange fruit’. Everything blew into the air because she was exploited by many men and got married thrice. Overall, people were mesmerized by the knockout performance of Day’s (Billie Holiday) and shared love on Facebook and other social channels. 

Biography Highlights Of Billie Holiday 

It’s time to get familiar with the life of Billie Holiday. Here are some  interesting facts that you might not be aware of earlier. 

  • Billie Holiday was born on April 7, 1915 and her birthplace was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
  • She spent most of the years of childhood in Baltimore, Maryland. 
  • She was sent to The House of the Good Shepherd when she was 9 years old. 

The United States vs. Billie Holiday is a biography worth watching because Andra Day has done justice to each phase of Billie Holiday which took her on the stage of Golden Globes awards to receive a title of the best actress.