Fans Got Shocked When Drew Barrymore Said “I don’t want to be on a film set”.


3 Basic Major Reasons Why Drew Barrymore Is Taking a Break From Acting

Breaking news is here and we can’t resist sharing with Drew Barrymore’s fans when she said “I don’t want to be on a film set”. What does it mean? Either she has quit acting or is just taking a break- Here are three reasons that will update you so hop on to dig in more facts about Drew Barrymore. 

Where Did Drew Reveal  About Quitting Acting? 

Drew Barrymore opens up about taking a break from acting during an interview conducted by Andy Cohen. Radio Andy is a channel where Drew Barrymore got invited and quoted many reasons that are making her step back from acting. While interviewing, Andy asked whether she wants to join a film shooting but her answer to this question was no. 

Drew Barrymore Ex- Husbands Life 

Drew Barrymore shared about her marriages with a fact that she got into a marital relationship thrice. The first marriage took place with bar owner Jeremy Thomas and filed for divorce after a year. Comedian Tom Green and Barrymore started dating in 1999. 

In 2001, they both got married but in 2002 Green couldn’t fulfill ultimate promise and filed for a divorce. Barry had a separate history with husband Will Kopelman. Barrymore and Kopelman have two daughters Olive and Frankie but 4 years of marriage got splitted and then they divorced in 2016. No doubt that they shared amazing family moments. 

How Nice Is Drew Barrymore? Are There Any Instances?-Detailed Review

Drew Barrymore discusses her role in motherhood. She is investing more time in raising her kids. This might be a major reason that is motivating her to take a break from her career. Moreover, a Netflix series, ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ saved her.

 By this she meant that the struggle of family whatsoever going on was equally as scared as a horror adventure but this show kept her soul alive. Drew Barrymore Instagram is where we can see a proof of how much she got closed and it stayed positive being in good bonding with her kids. 

Enjoying A Real Time On Drew Barrymore Show 

Drew Barrymore's break of acting main reason opened up when she shared how satisfying it is to work as Drew Barrymore show host by being involved in healthy discussions. Now that she is scared to find love, her whole attention is converted to kids. 

That’s why she has skipped acting and hoping to come back with a big project until her kids get older. Hence, the Drew Barrymore show is completely savage for Drew Barrymore. 

No matter how tough circumstances have come across in Drew Barrymore’s life, she remains confident and fights like a warrior woman. Hopefully, we can see her in the future projects with new avatars and more consistency.